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lirik lagu siebenburgen – in sanctum

enter twilight, this woeful offering
transform his hatred, converted change
catatonic, this storm from hades
shallow spirits, destroyed by birth

buried by abysmal fiends
great beast again arose
moonlight under archers spell
king of death he swore

four riders broke the seal
unchained chaos unfolds
four riders thorugh the storm
(all rise, through the storm)
pandemonium revealed

follow night, follow day
seventh way of light
demons wraith, burns black
fire through the sceptral eye
for victory in endless death

wicked beast, inflamed goulshera
h-rned one of one thousand sights
hatred deep, runs through the elder

as ckald returns, awaked in anger
buried with his (feeble) son
avenging spirit, sweping fire

…old king of war and hate
bloodlines meant to rule
a life time in darkness dwelling
imprisoned in ever death…

hatred deep, runs through the elder
goulshera at last arose

fire demon ckald unleashed
cleansing flames of soulless greed
force of malice, battle winged
for victory or death

- lirik lagu siebenburgen