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lirik lagu siebenburgen – fire leaps high

a final journey through fading stars
and evolutional waste
shining death of the never orb
folds the emptiness and dies

shrouded by concealing darkness
remaining moonlight gather
fallen are the last foundations
of the flaming earth
hear the silent serpent whisper
as chaos binds his fate
no longer sleeping, only dreaming, dead ana awake

hear the call of elder gods
great shapes of underworld
storming darkness, burning fear
pulsating fires lit by blood of man

cosmic suffocations, bewinged as rays of light
a dying foul creation between heaven and h-ll
screams of the destructed
breathing coldest steel
starvation of the soulless
echoes of the nebular war

sons of the fallen priestess
in praise of the arch alit
forgiven, the dreamer
brighter than the sun of night

now filled with might
endless hate, the distorted
vengeance upon mankind
destruction of the weak

this final journey, through endless fading stars
this final blessing, burning our eyes
from the fires of the ancient
interventions of the bleak
forever d-mned and dying
exhaling our final breath…

- lirik lagu siebenburgen