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lirik lagu shivaree – daring lousy guy


oh, i got beautiful, so once i raise my hand
that means stop the music, okay

your bones are going to be disconnected
you daring lousy guy
your throat is going to be exploded
and i’m still being shy

i’ve been scared sh-tless too much lately
right now there’s one thing i can say
i’m so unsatisfied to be killed this way
you daring lousy guy

your big face went and hurt my instep
and i feel very cold
just what gives you the nerve to die here
end my game and fold

it’s the same old rules no eyes no groin
i’m gonna spank you without pants
and fire aimlessly if you don’t come out
you daring lousy guy

why do you give me a depression?
your kisses are like tape
try to beat me out of recognition
i’ll beat you into shape

well they couldn’t bail out the t-tanic
so just keep my insides as a gift
and i hope that they smell your room up
you daring lousy guy

you daring lousy guy
you daring lousy guy