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lirik lagu sasha – michael mittermeier & friends—el burro


daylight’s gone
night is falling
shadows rising slowly
they’re facing the moon
sweetest pain will
guide you through
you have to make believe
then your relief is coming soon

turn around
you will never be the same
got no way to run or hide
so play the game

a little more glow, a little more p-ssion
led the rhythm lead your body and feed your soul
a little more fire, a little obsession
feel the heat, get the beat and lose control
el burro!

breathless touch
for your senses
breaking your resistance
and makes you to stay
moving softly
cross the border
to another place
where time and sp-ce
will drift away

turn around
it will never be the same
time is right to let it go
welcome to the show
feel the sound
it was meant to be your creed
’cause tonight is a h-ll of a night
where you’ll find what you need