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lirik lagu ruby da cherry – diamond girl

[verse i]
[?] these b-tches
’cause i got a different style
while i keep a smile [?]
getting naked at my place
without a trace
she needs to raise [?]
[?] my desires
what, you think that you were high?
shut the f-ck up
lookin’ -ss stuff
oddy nuff eating the chicken as it is
check it, prep it
[?] grill, [?] boil, barbecue that sh-t
but you can have the vegetables
i’m impregnable
i’m tryna let you that it’s intentional
sectioned with favors
i savor the favor
but you gotta leggo of my eggo
before getting proggo
because i said so
so chill out
and get the pill out
before i spill out these little kids
and have to fill out
a f-cking birth certificate
now what’s worst than that?
i don’t f-cking know

i’m ’bout keeping up the m-ffin
without heating up the oven
i’m ’bout keeping up the m-ffin
without heating up the oven

[verse ii]
oh oh oh oh baby
i don’t want no baby
what, you crazy?
i pull out the lazy card if you keep it up
i wanna keep you stuffed
nut busted in the kleenex
[?] you lost my trust
that’s why (that’s why what)
i wrap it up like it’s your birthday
getting up like it’s a work day
you can even call me “first place”
your body move the way your [?] sway
i’m thirsty
let me get sip of your shake
now i’ma rise from side to side
and up and down
go ’round and ’round
from heavy petting to the pound
they tryna hide so i pull out
no doubt
i’m ’bout the s-x
call me chex with the trix
[?] gotta perfix
to let me rest
slide of my kicks
get outta line
i’m calling next
if you called about a kid
i ain’t kidding i do my own bedding

- lirik lagu ruby da cherry