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lirik lagu reg mason – pearls iii

so i’m so f—— tired of being the nice guy
i’m not trying to nut up in your third eye
had to go home so early
had to bring it right back because it’s pearls 3 and i ain’t tryna do another one
m———— spend a whole year getting sonned
press me down my d-ck ain’t work for ages it’s lifted
call me a b—- i was way too ambitious
i want to f— i want to f— i want to start s— i want to fight
i want to dyk- who will bite on my neck
choke me out in the bed suck my d-ck on a bike
the cream ain’t hit the crop. this year i swear it’s murder
every n—– is a pervert
too long to take your shot

verse 1
i don’t know what the kids say how do i cope with the sh-t post fiance all girly care about i swear is beyonce no shade we had the buffet
on her phone weaving me out like it’s crochet and you wonder why n-gg-s being lonely
lost my f—— marbles looking right at you
i realize that i’ve been f—— with statues
i don’t want a nun in a white dress
i don’t want a ho or mistress
i just need my d-ck wet
in the hallways getting zoned like a big chick
she don’t know they want to hold me like a big check
swapping saliva wearing baggy -ss closed like i got a big d-ck n-gg- need strokes like “is this it?” i’m appalled i’m devastated i’m sick

i love you i swear i love you i swear i just need you to come to my shows maybe donates take you literally anywhere give me attention give me attention and take your godd-mn eyes off the phone for a second

verse 2
i don’t deserve it i don’t deserve you and i don’t deserve this now i my prom extra seats be reserving never got high i know you introverted pulling into the panorama commanded to let me stroke his phone on top of the banister it’s her first time so i’m not really gone damager i’m not in t-tle nor am i a good p-ssy manager your walls is closed up maybe it’s out of business none of my business and i’ve been trying and barely wish i wish that i knew that i would like the phone with you you don’t even have a shot shoot i’ve been acting so irrationally blue b-lls or sugarcoat sticky situations with adults i’m involved i want to f— repeated twice twice tonight i’m in luck there’s a girl she’s the homie want to fix it you so phony i’m addicted going clown me let’s bury the hatchet like we’re victor crowley i always thought the my d-ck would down me the whole year cut the s— clean like downy you seem okay i am starving take it too much sp-ce i need apartments and really a dog but i started barking and use it lose it now my d-ck is lewis and clark king explore and catching me at the s-x store no fight straight f— what is an ex for import attention and what do you export nothing trust me i am an expert i just want to be used for man guess you can say i got it while i can

- lirik lagu reg mason