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lirik lagu positive – days of rage


let our coffee stained t-shirts
compliment our small defeats
mouths moving like moldy machines

as action hesitates to activate its anch-r-d ship,
we inhale insecurities and exhale our regrets
suddle sighs, sing soft o.k’s,
and speak of things we’d never ever think to say

intentions bathed in failing words
sound waves spilt on kitchen floors

the phone call’s cracking codes of here and now
and muscles master doubtful lonely smiles
warming words wander away,
wise cracks about another sh-tty day

and you can be my metronome
for every half–ssed sh-tty love song
i played for you over the phone
raise your gl-ss to all our fears and insecurities
the things that break us down will all break down

and i’ll buy everything that isn’t sold
and you can complain, compost our inner ears
and keep our secrets bundled up and warm,
the politics of who-did-what last year

[chorus x2]