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lirik lagu peacemakers – remindmeofthatonetime


(intro: mac miller)

sounds like, like water
just like, like the ocean like floating
that’s how my guitar sounds like and feels like

(verse: peacemakers)

i got big hopes
moving out to paris
bro’s stay close
long islands with madness
all i ask
is for all of it to happen

(you know i just wanna chill)
super super dreams in the burbs
super, driving super super fast she get curved
if you ain’t me miss then you miss out on the world

(hook: peacemakers)

i don’t know how it feels
a friend or a foe
is started crazy
yeah i know
i can’t lie
you remind me
(you remind me of that one time)

(outro: mac miller)

i don’t like too plan much
i really just like to hit record and go
and see what happens and then like figure it out later