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lirik lagu paris (rapper) – prelude

yeah, 1990 mothaf-ckin’ four
p-dog, back in this motherf-cker
the black panther of hip-hop comin’ at ya with the trunk-a-funk
what up, k-cloud? yeah
shots goin’ out to all them fake–ss wannabe, uh, “real n-gg-s”
y’all keep sellin’ out, i keep bringin’ the truth
west coast funk, guerrilla funk
comin’ at ya straight from the bay
and like i said, “in god i trust, so n-gg- do what you must”
i’m a still bring it to ya
and to ya punk–ss pigs out there, it definitely ain’t over
l.a. we play comin’ to your town soon, yeah
oh, and uh, chris joyce, how you feel? i ain’t forgot you motherf-ckers
keep your eyes on this, scarface records 1994
and it don’t stop

- lirik lagu paris rapper