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lirik lagu oppressor – eclipse into eternity


sickened by perversion… the pain of lies
a faint voice beckons me to reprise
paralysed by pity… hatred
i can see the tears flow as blood cries
searching for the answer… to depart
i’ve cried for god as the children stray

depart now, save them

life? nothing to gain
is it a dream? hiding the pain
taking the soul, leaving it’s form
the bending of thoughts opens the gates
bathe in the blood of destiny
replacing the mind for what is real
making the soul immortal
to summon the spirit of what is dead

watching as they perish… destroy
i can see the blood she’d as i laugh in mourn
faith of resurrection… beckoned
looking to reverse embraced destiny
glowing incantation… searching
i have found the answer to extinction

the soul returns
life is blind

death, i need the flesh
i need the power, i feel the pain
salvations end, open the corpse
enter the life crushing it’s form, rising above
warning to all, rapture in blood
render the cause, met in mistrust
pleasure if sin, fate of a world decaying within

now depart
death arise!