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lirik lagu operation ivy – junkie’s running dry

i always looked up to the ones who walked away
choosing themselves over preset ways
of looking at a future that had no room for the questions they lived for
always knew i never could have walked away myself
my self worth was beyond any help
and i didn’t care to test it against the rejection i had seen before
but those i loved so much, they got caught in the game.
like junkies running dry, the vulnerability,
they’re always there on time
we’re never satisfied like junkies running dry.

this wonderful generosity
a third of our lives to do what we please
doesn’t look that great to me, in fact it doesn’t even look fair.
they call it youthful idealism
and even i would have to agree with them
except some of us grow up and it’s still there.
i grow up too slow, i don’t wanna go…
but now i’m workin’ just like everyone else,
but i’ll get outta here

- lirik lagu operation ivy