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lirik lagu omenxiii – creek stones


[hook: sosi]
no one has ever been like you

[verse 1: omenxiii]
wake up in the morning and i get straight to my grind
oxymoron afternoon, i twist the stick up and unwind
night time riding, city light be shining lightly off my eyes
i pour up another cup to keep some sh-t up off my mind
all the time, i be getting high, i’m still out my mind
living life, i’ve been living life, tryna live it right
when i die, if i’m still alive, i’m on the other side
in my eyes, nothing matters, still i find a reason why
still i try to find the meaning, reading inbetween the lines
in the sky, i see the moon, it touch me gently every night
feel the breeze across my face to let me know i’m still alive
used to be the one to stress, now i get checks up to my eyes, to my eyes

[verse 2: sosi]
things went bad from the moment when i stepped in that line
knowing that i’m only there to maybe catch your eye
it gets me so high every time
maybe i should just focus
on myself this time
why did you slip by?

[hook: sosi]
no one has ever been like you