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lirik lagu millencolin – greener grass


i’m not harmonic
i can’t reach self-esteem
that’s quite ironic
’cause i thought i’d be living my dream

i don’t feel supersonic
i don’t drive in the lane of whipped cream
i’m more like a chronic
ignorantly swimming upstream

what can i do to be happy?
i have problems to decide
when it looks to me the gr-ss is greener
on the other side

how do i live for the moment
when i always wanna be else where?
how do i reach fulfillment
when i’m crashed and got parts to repair?

why is my only amus-m-nt
giving other people my despair?
why do i give jealous judgment
on another’s affair?

i wanna get satisfaction just like
the stones and manu chao
gotta ignore all rejection
i gotta keep trying anyhow

i wanna be close to the action
i wanna live my life now
for this correction i need direction
gotta find it within myself somehow

so maybe one day i’ll be happy
but until then i have to realize
that the gr-ss is not always greener
it’s only up to me to recognize

that the gr-ss is not always greener
it’s in your head, it might look greener
’cause the gr-ss will never be greener
on the other side