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lirik lagu men 4 u – baby i’m your man


hey baby take a look outside
you’ll see i parked my car there
it may be on double yellow lines
but i’m so bad,i just don’t care

even if i get a ticket
i’ll tell the warden where to stick it

because i’m just so bad, and just so mad
you could use a guy like me
baby come back, and hang in my pad
and i’m sure i could make you see
that baby, i’m your man

hey baby, let’s go downtown
and see what can be found
and i won’t put my wrappers in the bin
i’ll drop them on the ground

and if i’m told to pick them up
i might just drop a plastic cup


i’m too cool
too cool for school
too cool for rules
too cool for fools
i’m so cool
i don’t need school
i don’t need rules
but baby baby, i need yooooooooooou


baby, i am your…