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lirik lagu melis bilen – why me


a blue wornout smile
if it was worthwhile…
a shadow of my former self
what’s left of me…

two lonesome arms
tears in the eyes
just a f-ckless wreckage behind
what’s left of me…

i gave all of me for the presence of
your warm embrace, rapture of your love…
i’m so cold now…

i believed, you’re a man of your word, devoted
i carved your name on my heart, noted…
i’m trembling now…

tell me!
the truth, that you indeed played with me
you simply used and then discarded me
my remaining pieces scattered all around…

why me?
i had a true love with clean hands
too much for a man devoid of feelings
you could have just picked someone else but me…

tell me!
how could you do it in coldblood
how could you drag me through the mug
tell me!

why me?
you could have chosen someoneelse’s life
to own at first and then ruin every part
why me?

- lirik lagu melis bilen