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lirik lagu loretta lynn – just to satisfy (the weakness in a man)

i realize how difficult it is for you to take me as i am
and knowin’ that you’re not the first to love me makes the difference in a man
but i feel no shame or guilty conscience knowing the way my moral stand
but my one big mistake in life is
just to satisfy the weakness ina man
so here i am now you’re all of my yesterdays
just take my hand if you can’t see yourself with me
i know my past must hurt you but baby i do the best i can
to live with things i did before without a wedding ring upon my hand
oh you know it seems so funny that the story should end as it began
but my one big mistake in life was settin’ down my strenght
just to satisfy the weakness in a man
[ guitar + steel ]
so here i am…

- lirik lagu loretta lynn