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lirik lagu l’orange – plastic fame


[samples: [?]]
thank you, old chap. no self-respecting magician should ever be caught without his hat and cape
he spent all his money the first day

[verse 1: chuuwee]
yeah, yo
i came here to rock a party hard
my squad with me like the bodyguards
prodigy jammin’, ya’ll just not as hard
testin’ these squares, who said you had a card
like liftin’ weights, i just surp-ssed the bar
leavin’ my mark on sh-t, no cattle prod
the illest rap sh-t you heard in half a bar
who makes the dopest moves? traffic [?]
beware of the hearts of men with plastic hearts
the fakest around you might can act a part
pull up in gothic clothes, the blackest cars
make this a movie scene, we action stars
jean-claude, kubrik, gatsby
send the whole crew get at me, watch news recap me
i conquered all challenges like the smoothest athlete
leonardo, you can’t “catch me if you can”

[samples: [?]]
it’s your funeral. you never would listen
well, you got anything on your mind? spill it

[verse 2: chuuwee]
the struggle, the strife, the pain, the power, i stand in the light
but struggle at night, for countless hours, the juggle of the life
that made me sour, but never devour, because of the bite
developed a talent, got up and ran with the prowess
to see who’s lying in malice, in the jungle, i fight
with negative lights, repet-tive sights, compet-tive prices
irrelevant rides, i claim polite the stress, the plight
attaining my sight, i’m eyeing my slice, i run with the knife
i’m lost in the game, i’m awfully often to blame, used to scoff at the fame
now i take no advice, because the message is cold
the pressure is old and lessons are gold
but less that you know, the best for your soul
and as it was told, someday you get what you’re owed
as i waited and prayed to put some weight on my bones