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lirik lagu lil wayne – scream and shout

hi, i’m tunechi, i give the girls my room key
money can’t buy you love, so i don’t pay for no p-ssy
i don’t pay these haters no mind, so f-cking call me cheap
i grab life by the h-rns, and that b-tch went ‘beep beep’
i swear right now i feel like pac, cause all eyez on me
and i don’t mean to throw no salt, but these n-gg-s small fries to me
and my b-tch bad like britney, but i wish i had britney
she remind me of my jeep, but i got a bad memory
and i’m feeling good, i’m looking good, i’m smoking good, i’m sippin
these hoes think they cl-ssy, well that’s the cl-ss i’m skippin
got a party in my bedroom, that’s a party she ain’t missin.
i bought her by, but she kept callin him william
only god can judge me, case closed.
i got more hoes than drake shows
i got this sh-t on lock, no escape doors
and i make that b-tch scream & shout, and let it all out
i put it in her back yard like a f-cking dog house, tunechi!

- lirik lagu lil wayne