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lirik lagu lil wayne – on tha block #1 (skit)

lil wayne
ay man im walkin on south beach the other day right
you know tha memorial day weekend sh-t thang
yeah so they got a n-gg- come up to me with a video camara right
and you know m-th-f-ckas come up to me with camaras everyday so i don’t be trippin
all day everyday you know what i mean?
so you know you got what his n-gg- asked me?
yo can i battle you on camera?
i was like dawg how much we gon make fo this?
you really think…yo, yo
for all you n-gg-s thinkin y’all could see me and think it’s really a game ’cause im from tha south or i don’t really be boastin and braggin bout that flow and sh-t…
dawg i got this sh-t dawg
you n-gg-s think you could f-ck wit me

- lirik lagu lil wayne