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lirik lagu lexia allies – wandering you want me back

(verse 1)
if’s too late that are you here
but my promise is safe with you
you just got to me in hold
they can’t tell you what you mean to me
so you get back on your feet
not with nothing to lose
just still out of the trouble you made

trying to make it perfect
but you ran to you over the light
when you come around that you wandering you want me back
they can’t let go what you came for
this is strong you clear it over
made it so wrong that you force to dance
not to hard to fall on the ground
when you get back with me and the love trip you over
you made it weak to myself right now

(verse 2)
my world is not trying to complete me
i know what the falling headfirst
when you see the girl in the fame
just you ran out to the street
that you can screen my name
made a bad darkness to left in you
can you be safe with me tonight

(verse 3)
your the stupid girl that you care for him
you are going to be the last one standing
maybe you didn’t look for the right guy
just when you gave him love
so i am the one you didn’t care
might the love you care for him for a so what

- lirik lagu lexia allies