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lirik lagu lexia allies – underguide

(verse 1)
when i slowed to locked up tight
i get in a moved
so much joy you have some much luck
i wanna bring it up high
i got a rear view shadow on the wall
match of pretty young smiles
do you have much to say

locked top sight
there’s a catch of fire
but i am not holding it until tomorrow
and i’m your underguide for the sight of my eye
it’s to touchable and i wanna snyc in your laughter for tonight
and i’m your underguide for the sight of my eye
but i have no more to say. ohh yeah

(verse 2)
treasure clue
but i really need to moved on the spot you take
yeah. like not blink when you see the shadow in you
just so indeed of a powerful lad
it’s not bright
that i wanna see in your smile for the ta

(verse 3)
don’t let her escape when you tied in the knot
so much that you do wanna get out of here
but i am your princess
sometimes i can’t breath the word you say
so much miarcle you left behind
i get your smile into the hold of wind
and i should wanted you to be brave just like me

(when i moved, feels like i’m escape from the light)

- lirik lagu lexia allies