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lirik lagu lexia allies – think about it

(verse 1)
i’m taking the moment to what i have say
when i say i am thinking about you
the time i’m loosing the hard break
but you knew every catch of kiss
so i need a take my time to waste on you

can’t you lean over for the last broken days
so in the morning with the step i take your hand
but i relax with the emotions i got you
but when i’m think about it
with the note you said
and i’m with you with letter i said
trying to let me through to your arms
as i knew for every broken smile
maybe i win for the best to my soul
i need to think about it what you said

(verse 2)
i don’t wanna be over you
maybe i am not loosing the touch i made
but a try can remember
and promise what you noticed about the dream
when i’m moving hard to saved
you boy i always need you to my heart

(verse 3)
almost the kiss is to long i wanted in my life
but you own the heart you have
trying to let the magic p-ss me by
this is my dream you wanted to know
boy you were my dream boy
not if your gonna let me back in your own dream
i needed this to be real. so real

- lirik lagu lexia allies