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lirik lagu lexia allies – take your heart out

(verse 1)
there is no more loving you do
everything is not much like mine
it’s mine force to sing your nature
sometimes i can breath you love out
when i came upon myself to see
you go faraway after me
just can’t show you around what is meant to be

no stronger is not left behind me
you know i can take your heart out to breath my destiny
your stronger than i ever felt in your hands
don’t let n-body think i am the one
as you go without me for so long
maybe you can wish everything on my arm
i can let myself to be free out of the shadow
can’t let one fall down to be strong
just you can take your heart out for love

(verse 2)
it’s my womanizer dream
i can loose my whole life to begin
when i say i can’t less one count
but your world let me go forward
maybe i think all my plans for destiny
taking no attention off of me just let this through
the skies are open so wide to be

(verse 3)
no more secrets is there for you to go
and i need to try everything is not worth it
when it comes to you when i feel so free
can’t burst out of flames
no more destiny is there to catch it through
anytime your not there and i am the only one
you were amaze me for everything i do in my career

- lirik lagu lexia allies