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lirik lagu lexia allies – stood out of nowhere

(verse 1)
there has been nothing left behind
but your too good there’s a weapon
trying to put up a lead as a girl
maybe i care about you last night
it just the same old lie
if you let yourself down to me
i know you are so scared what could happen

cause if it’s my destiny
i don’t wanna run down with you
at least you forgive me as you think i’m sorry
i don’t wanna stood out of nowhere
that you care to me if we were friends again
maybe you didn’t like the way it hurt
i am just out of the middle of nowhere
it not taken me home

(verse 2)
you knew i was the best
when you feel apart to me
the time that you are letting go the problem
staying with the words i love
but your not gonna hold my life
just you needed some sp-ce
it’s too dark that your naked tonight
won’t change to me cause if you think i am the one to be free

(verse 3)
having the best of you try it
but let’s it go before you see
telling what you feel but nothing it’s not worth a fight
let it out so i can’t confession my rock to you
please don’t let it feel the emotion to a cry

- lirik lagu lexia allies