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lirik lagu lexia allies – soulish

(verse 1)
the prize are the motion
that i don’t wanna loose
do you almost get the nealed the swear i kiss
but above the answer is something
like you sing to your own prayers
as you filled the words of missing you for so gone

maybe i got the sealed the moment as i feel
when you say i am all yours
take my hand for the road
i am totally totally soulish
the boy i see is the one i noticed back in my shoulders
catching the tears of falls left dead
but just only hold the dream it was made
don’t i see where i belong
i am totally totally soulish

(verse 2)
standing in the rain of gods tonight
and somehow you know i got the same
but you were not who i am
making see what i am made of
there are always someone there to regret
i am not there to granted
before i let one fall down to heaven is all i get

(verse 3)
the way i stand is pulling my heart out
there are the secrets who i am with you
but i can’t deny it for the truth now
solding out of my mind forever
there is nothing to solve it quick as i moved
don’t you laugh at me
but i am way to personally lifetime
the prize are the motion
that i don’t wanna loose

- lirik lagu lexia allies