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lirik lagu lexia allies – music up

(verse 1)
i just wanna dance of my favorite song
not the beat goes on and on
i can take a little higher
but i just wanna scream
this is a new part of you
just when the laying down
when the music comes up for a little bit
i can dance to the early morning

(chorus)< 2 the music of the worldwide machine spin do you wanna jump that to the bottom? i can turn up the music up so we can dance all we like it and if you see me there i am not trying to fight it(verse 2) you say i can be the words of you but you start to shake me down i look at the mirror and put up my favorite costume when i look at you for a clear this is the part of me can i win it? can i save it? can i move it? let it down on you but this time i am waiting for you(verse 3) let that music up (let that music up) i wanna see that music up (i wanna see that music up) if i wanna go and push that music up (if i wanna go and push that music up) this is goes all the music up (this is goes all the music up) i just wanna dance to the music up (i just wanna dance to the music up-up-up-upuppp)

- lirik lagu lexia allies