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lirik lagu lexia allies – more days

(verse 1)
if it so long that is taken me away
so you got to feel me now
when you say it time more somedays along
but you were take the love to far
just like everything is so near for me that got to reach

maybe you come for more days after all
saying you were my heart that gives
something in my heart stole away
but anyhow you were saying my love to you
that is coming right after so long that is more days away
this is pushing us back to feel this wonder
and i can reach for the broken heart attache
something it staying for so long that is only my hand is pulling my back
for more days

(verse 2)
going off about what you say to the words
nothing impossible for just who i am
maybe anything is all about you
i try to leap a cross days more
when i can call my name twice before i can

(verse 3)
i need something on my mind forever
that is going to keep coming for more
you were the kind of girl who wished to be fine
hope your not going to loose
finding my place for a long time for now
but you are standing so long
that is the d-mn place i can more for be
trying to be free now

- lirik lagu lexia allies