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lirik lagu lexia allies – maybe inside of the damn cold

(verse 1)
is this into you that won’t matter
you make me broken so inside
maybe i feel the side you came a apart
can you bring anything for a soul
must you wonder what was a about
just let me go all the time
will you hold me down to the sh-t

i won’t open this door beside me
that try to let me go
may you seen this lifetime you got
maybe inside of the d-mn cold you better try
so each was trying to myself
not like a very long song you wonder
this will make you better if you fall
it like you meant to me
this is so real what find a goal
maybe you will be rich of a love song it goes
find a way to free myself
take a long shot again
but try a another way to make it fake
but if maybe inside of the d-mn cold

(verse 2)
don’t try us to hold on
cause you matter what you would change
find a home or find a person to let you free
the hands want you got
doesn’t make it real
what if you got me
you would save me down from this cave
like this is cold but still save me

(verse 3)
you build me up
you build you down
you build you up
you build me down
you build me up
you build me down
you build us up
you build us down
we build us up

- lirik lagu lexia allies