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lirik lagu lexia allies – leads me up

(verse 1)
it something isn’t worth for a gig
i just don’t this no more
and i leave the messed of reports
laying here all a lone
if you didn’t grab my shoulder
can’t see to leave what i am here
to breeze to fear now
every time it doesn’t mean anything
this leads me up
every time i am falling for it
don’t you understand the chances i am taking
forever in my mind
if you really have two more blames for one of another
this leads me up
as i am not controling the earth
and this is my chance
i need to break free hungry
it’s something i have in my hand
it’s doesn’t have to remember me
(verse 2)
don’t bothered asked question
i have somebody else on my side
can’t say to you for long
it’s not sharing who i am
but i have one story to tell
it told me out of my soul
you and i have more trust to hold against
(verse 3)
if you leave me behind
there’s no timing back
as where i am behind
the shoulder i have nothing to believe
can’t stand when i am alone
killing me in the dark is fighting through the dark
always had to imagine pretend

- lirik lagu lexia allies