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lirik lagu lexia allies – it up to me

(verse 1)
don’t feel scary hope you fingure out it was me
we get every call but we don’t get it to me
forget about your superhero
if you find out who is standing from me
you remember from the last time
you took control for me

it time to show up lay up and fingure who i am
now it soon but coming to you
remember your life to begunst the world
to let it go now
chill out but it not up to me
but it not up to me
but it not up to me
i get everything you knew about me
we get undermances for you
so in love for a guy with you
i know who is there again
must go everywhere till you show up
just lie every lie
but it not up to me

but it not up to me

(verse 2)
last night i took your rights and left
it wasn’t me at all to save your life
we hope you mess around the fate
you believe my secret ever came true
that hide everything you were inside in me
just like i didn’t get up for myself

(verse 3)
you belong with your family
but doesn’t feel right to myself
when you live apart from every world you live bout
and nothing about to change to this love
will you came to me
that you see where you started
beware your love you take

- lirik lagu lexia allies