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lirik lagu lexia allies – it’s a different life to me

(verse 1)
can you notice hows life turn to be
when you got in a real gig
it’s all known to be me
trying to make this turn out great
but somehow it doesn’t feel the moment
they won’t change to what i feel now

maybe you can take the away the life of me
but now i only breathe the word of my favorite song
and it a different life to me
always gonna reach for the sky
not when you call my name out of forever
and it a different life to me
like your the smile on my face
let it play for a sooner look
not to fast to show up to me
and it a different life to me for now

(verse 2)
remember how i just like playing like a fool
not how you gone to far to dance
this always got me spinning like a dj
when you kicked out of the screen
to be perfect what i gone to believe
don’t try to hide this small to breath (yeah)

(verse 3)
don’t make no mistakes
cus i’m still perfect without you here
but everything is right where i stand kiss next to you
like this is a message holding tight
always staring in those eyes
can’t you just say to me for every mess i love you

- lirik lagu lexia allies