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lirik lagu lexia allies – imagine

(verse 1)
i didn’t know what to say
but i think you almost clear to me
you always think i am crazy for you
since i know you for a while
maybe something was wrong about me
you thought i was doing this behind your back

i never imagine what you might think
just grab me in the hall way and we start to fight
this is such a bad feeling to do
whenever you think i am just type but it nothing
what happen if i break your heart
this is a another love
i promise you that is right
can i talk to you what you were
but i can’t because i see you with another girl in my life

you were only fr her not me
so i rip out of the picture that you love me that clear
might be only a sad news were coming right after me
but i heard something at the back of me

(verse 2)
letting t go but not this time
i am only the girl with the attuide
when you say that you love me
maybe i am strong that i am over you
still in my room thinking of you
but i never knew it would come
see the daydream into the stars

(verse 3)
this is was the end of you and me
but i knew he would come back for me
suddenly i knew you were against with me
something wasn’t right til we talked this over
but it taking me then i walked away
something was all wrong what we had to say
and i know it coming right back

- lirik lagu lexia allies