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lirik lagu lexia allies – i need some space

(verse 1)
when i am chillin i get so breath
into the cold from the night
didn’t you try to believe the chance i went
if your just the way as i am before
when i didn’t cry all night long near the stone
i can torture the way hons

the way you try to catch me before i do
making you feel the lost in my soul
the day i need some sp-ce weather i need you
holdin my breath to it fly away
your the one i need in my heart
something was not you everytime
just you call my words you never try to away
but your my babe i need in my own way

(verse 2)
can’t you remember the single thing i cry
you feel the spark in everywhere i see the clouds
it’s nothing perfect you love me for who i am
like you see my words beaneath the rock
everything you say is my own dream

(verse 3)
do you ever imainge to see the spark in my eyes
catchin you are the one for me
i can’t understand what you mean to me
trying to let go off of my own dream
as you notice i care for you as i love to understand
never meant to hurt your soul ever gone away

- lirik lagu lexia allies