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lirik lagu lexia allies – goodbye

(verse 1)
sitting here always thinkin of your smile
if you think i am real to believe
every shadow your p-ssing me by
so you made my life tear in a dream
but honestly i have always missed you

just that i totally breathe and goodbye to you
do you hold my dreams for care for this time
and i wish your really here with me
don’t take one step until i get your piece
as i totally forget to mention i am saying goodbye
i am telling you to stay with me
but it’s goodbye
but it’s goodbye
but it’s goodbye for good

(verse 2)
in the morning always cryin in my sleep
every wind i hear my named and looked
there is nothing i would imagine
but your here with me
that your not real human
but i can breath is

(verse 3)
everything changes in my direction
i don’t hear a word your bother to explain
finding nothing to sit in the dark
always see you clear in the mirror
if you like to kicked this dream
but i am always holdin holdin holdin tight

- lirik lagu lexia allies