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lirik lagu lexia allies – don’t stand close

(verse 1)
if i was in the shadow
i wasn’t thinking it strange before
you were just the one to kick my -ss tonight
standing in the dark where it night
before you get that way now
i had no feelings is to high
but your getting in my direction now

when you walked away from the mirror is low
trying not feel me now
what you get from me from don’t stand close
just you might be someone else out there
when you close my door and everything seem dark
finding the idea what you might found
i don’t stand close to you before
i just shook away from this night
my way you feel the moment you get to tired
right now i stand you for a moment now

(verse 2)
maybe you were not to jealous of me
when you needed sp-ce now
breaking the ice and then everything down
strong feeling you need me on the floor
just don’t care who was right or not
but your only feeling in my dreams
tell me what you want and then spin

(verse 3)
something was flying but you can catch me down
that you gone with the wind
but your the one who catch a flight
and you may turned away before
when you say out loud right now
just hold on my hand for love
i can’t believe what you just said to me

- lirik lagu lexia allies