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lirik lagu lexia allies – breaking forever

(verse 1)
i really support to give everything you needed
but find my way into the dark
trying to get myself on this life
waiting on every day when you call me
it so hard when you found me
not to say my words
take a another try
but every life you told without me
pushing everything you give for everyone else
it so like six clock in the morning to shake it up

(chorus)< 2 you are now breaking forever that only you give for it to break up might take a moment to look for it so i began to feel myself up you are now breaking forever because it worth a try to seal a kiss not as quite but you tell me now all the way you til me thus love win this love forever(verse 2) would you tell your friends i am nice and tilling so they know me better you gave us your words that promise it goes sometimes it reach it out but before you let someone new if you care it right or wrong everything used to be a normally precation u-s-a to the life of it you need everything you take it and but you never loose me just you and your hand don't spin me around(verse 3) here is the ice is breaking i just don't what going on i hit the switch on this door it kinda make me down as you never lie to me remember your best friend told you i want to dance all night long as long you won't be a siltion erins i got to know you better as i got up you remember me i felt in the tomorrow and nothing to bust me out til i moved into the light

- lirik lagu lexia allies