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lirik lagu krux – emily payne (and the black maze)


she crosses the churchyard….drawn to the willows
follows the warm rain….into the black glow
walks in the forest….drops little bracelet
can this be magic….what is her secret?

so young so sad
emily payne, it was the last of your days
all things she had
emily payne, you ran into the maze
so sweet and frail
this lovely girl, it was the last of her days
so grim, the tale
emily payne and the black maze

she went through the village, gold in her long hair
over the green gr-ss, no one can see her
blue gown and strawhat, armful of tulips
vanished in thin air, with a smile on her sweet lips

so young so sad…

she fled the world
father, friends, the light of the day
nothing she said
and went into the maze
a young happy girl, the apple in her mothers eye
she saw the door
disappeared without trace