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lirik lagu kosher – revolution


it’s time for a change.
the zombies are going through another phase.
different flavors same old sh-t.
we’ve got to stop it now, we’ve got to do it.
turn up the volume, all the way now.
look and behold, revolution rock n’ roll.
it’s time to take a stand, revolution rock n’ roll.
i’m sick of the radio, the air waves are dead and empty.
i need this sh-t like a bullet in the head.
we’ve got to get out now, before we’re all dead.
to them we’re not people, just buying units.
they keep themselves safe in their hi-rise,
giving us gargage in disguise.
if they could just look into our eyes
and see that we’ve had enough this nonsense wouldn’t begin.
this bullsh-t has to end.