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lirik lagu kleenex girl wonder – we’re floating now


it pulls you in like a maelstrom
but you’re all dried up when it’s done

i always thought i’d be a master chef
i looked at all the diamonds on her vest
my mother told me nothing but the best
and i always could be

she had a little face like a viola
and all her pocket tees contained ebola
she’s just a cuppa of some real hot cola
and now she’s with me

time lost is time well-spent
when you’re with the government
she likes to break things up
but she’s the one who’s drowning

it’s a cold-bearing vacation
oh, it likes yours my way

i had a little crush, a little, don’t be mean
i took her down to the country creek
i gave a little peck upon her cheek
and she rode it away

she found me later at the speed of light
and we can walk around all through the night
and she was nothing but a must-invite
’cause she partied all day

you have gideon’s here
your hi-fi and reel-to-reel
she’s not the one you want
she’s not even human

and i only took an inch, now
but it couldn’ta [?]

but we’re floating now