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lirik lagu king mez – new vinyl

yeah, it’s 4 a.m
you know

yeah, uh, you’re talking to a n-gg-r who
been through the riot
and sharing my experience to me
that’s, that’s alright
and wearing my red tie
won’t make me feel like a luck
when i told you i would touch your soul
i know deep down i ain’t doing this in vain
cause i like nice things but i ain’t doing it for no chain n-gg-r
all these…lame and they mama feeling they pain n-gg-r
wanna leave the city they ain’t affording no pain n-gg-r
till these young rappers do whatever till they raps change
it’s getting all late watch the way you sign names
and i ain’t into playing my games
i just thinking bout being the best, my strategy lebron james
that’s why really departing n-gg-rs
tight circle, never really looked to make my…n-gg-r
royalty in my words you just…what you started n-gg-r
acting like you on your job so tell me n-gg-rs
i ain’t playing even when radio play me
on my grind i worry bout people who play me
i’m the king that just ain’t me
but that they can’t see
girl get to me you won’t see it less you’re equal
your new swag but you can feel my aura when i meet you
not talk to the future, i’m just trying to make a sequel
i can’t be reunited they will make you do your preview
you feel that? yeah

that’s the feeling my life changing
right before your eyes, it’s crazy
me? i went from seeing million hundreds
to homies with the…designers
women be on us
oh good i got a homie that’s working the dinner
that’s just the way it is when you young and you cease the game
bout to eat this yeah i say grace and jesus name
i got fettuccini and i know my n-gg-rs need the same
speaking plans in front of nonbelievers i won’t be the shame
those people miss out but on people you don’t see a game
hit your phone when they hear you buzzing all they see a game
life like a movie, difference is you never freeze a frame
too bad they can’t rewind, life will never be the same

yeah you know, man you tell these n-gg-rs auf wierdersehen
yeah, uh, and then you fly like you be the…
yeah, you know
and i’d like to thank you all for coming tonight

- lirik lagu king mez