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lirik lagu king gizzard & the lizard wizard – loyalty


i see all there is
and has ever been
i am not a man

i am everything
picture of purity
deific reign
ordained unto me
prehistoric god
i shall not move

those who try
i will drink their blood

i’ll be watching them
i am everywhere
floating on the wind
hiding in the dark
pure omniscience
traitors will quake
at the thought of me
hang them on a hook
put them on display
examples must be made

here’s a test
i am lord, fear my wrath
this is a test
i am lord, i am death

what is with these crimes of treason?
i will fight this inquisition if i have to
i will not surrender if i’m backed into a corner
i will draw and quarter all their children
just to prove i’m not a coward
i will put them all on judas cradle
just to show them a god incarnate

where’s the loyalty
where’s their loyalty?
where’s the loyalty
where’s their loyalty?
no man – no problem