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lirik lagu kid dynamite – zuko’s back in town

what if one day i turned to you and said,
“i’m not the man that you think i am?”
end a corner and you’ll find me there,
it’s friday night and there’s nowhere to go.
will you abandon me for a fantasy,
so you can gratify your selfish needs?
if you come across some self-esteem. you know
i need it please give it to me.
preconceived misery turns me into a mystery.
but i hold tight to what is true. not you!
now it’s the next day of the rest of my life.
forget about what i told you last night
still in the corner but i’m standing up,
soon enough i’ll be ready to go so go abandon me
for a fantasy go gratify your selfish needs
if you come across some self respect
you can keep it so you can reflect.

- lirik lagu kid dynamite