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lirik lagu kid dynamite – rufus wants a hug

we’re part of a profit plan. we’re all caught up in a scam to
make companies money to bite the feeding hand. i know that i’m
not perfect. i never said i was the best. if i support the
product then i support the death. we care. we’ll fight this.
so far we’ve paid the price every time that we’ve been lied to.
slow down the production line cause we don’t want to see the
world die. we’ll make some noise, cause they’ll never hear
about it. then we’ll destroy, so they don’t forget about it.
we won’t sacrifice what we have left to lose. producing a new
breed. telling us just what we need. believing that we need
it, we give in to the greed. we pull the plug on thinking and
watch the world go down the drain. if i support the product
then i support the pain.

- lirik lagu kid dynamite