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lirik lagu kid dynamite – never met the gooch

when the music went away, with all that i’ve conceived the sun
goes down and smiles start to fade. another tuesday and i smell
the leaves, they’re dying in my city. inspirations lost in
sirens. it’s not easy to live when motivation keeps on dying.
the street lights are far from glistening and i’m at my window
listening through the silence just to hear your voice, but i’m
distracted by the outside noise i can’t think of your eyes
without wondering how you live your life. when my song begins to
play i’m thinking everything’s gonna be ok until the smiles start
to fade. in the beginning. i never got what i wanted because i
never tried. i guess some things never change. rejection seems
real enough that it scares me away. the notes are barely audible
and the melody seems kinda dull. i wouldn’t know it if it slapped
me in the face, i need some help putting this one in its place. i
can’t think of your voice without wondering how you sing your
song. the orange night keeps me aware of how i’ve loved and how
i’ve hated. but hate’s remembered long after love’s forgotten. i
want to forget. yet, i want to remember.

- lirik lagu kid dynamite