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lirik lagu kid dynamite – introduction to the opposites

if you had your way jim crow would dance again. make a mockery
of what happened way back when segregation rained and thunder
covered cries. any other words will never justify. tell me
who’s to blame, because i’m choking on your rage. you f-cking
disease. you sicken me when your hate’s shoved down my throat
again and again and again. tell me that you’ve earned
superiority. every word you say is plain ignorant to me.
totally ignore our country’s history and the future, which you
spite, of its equality. so it bothers me. when you open your
mouth derogatory ugly rhetoric comes out. well, your rhetoric
is something i can do without. your stupid jokes don’t seem too
funny to me. i get the feeling that you’re sick of hearing about
the fight. then close your ears and i’ll f-cking scream it every
night until you learn… or until you walk away. that, my
friend, would be humorous to me.

- lirik lagu kid dynamite