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lirik lagu kid dynamite – cheap shot youth anthem

i remember ten years ago, hard to stay out of trouble when
there’s no place to go. killing out of line. we threw all
caution to the wind. it was hard enough just to be a kid, let
alone deal with the problems i was given. i didn’t care what
youth had to offer. it seemed it was “in”. call us
up and play a show, say “it’s over 21” and we’ll say,
“h-ll no!” cause it’s all ages! i see it all around
me everyday. kids are bored and surrounded by negativity.
killing time out line cause they’re kept away. influences come
from every side and i don’t want to be a part of troubling your
lives. so, if they don’t let you in, then we’re not gonna play.
just because you’re not 21, that’s not supposed to mean you
can’t have any fun. so, come out and raise your fists high,
stage dive, and forget about what they say. dance the night

- lirik lagu kid dynamite