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lirik lagu kari k – pop style remix


pop style
n-gg-s graduated now we doing sh-t
trynna make this money and get stupid rich
you n-gg-s act like pusssy should call you a b-tch
aiming for the top we seen you n-gg-s switch
you n-gg-s out here dancing but we making moves
we seen you n-gg-s flip like kraby patties do
i should be called patrick the only star in the room
you came in to the game a totally noob
yeah we doing this sh-t
you n-gg-s flex on a n-gg- knowing you ain’t fit
if a n-gg- f-ck with me he’ll seize to exist
then team f-ck his b-tch after that they probably split
all my n-gg-s really know is pop style
all eyes on me like we walking down the isle
i’m outta breathe like i just ran a mile
i’m carry that heat like i’m walking with a stove
and if you walk in my room you’ll find me sitting on a throne
smoking h-lla dope got a n-gg- feeling a blown
i’m bad to the bad
a n-gg- never getting cloned
flying over seas in my mf’n drone
yo b-tch joined the mile high club with her moan
don’t come with that weak sh-t all in my phone
and if you wanna f-ck with me like tiller just don’t