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lirik lagu jiggaisrare – kinda *

keep f-ckin with me n-gg- watch you be your mom prayers
see the f-cking stares when im coming up the stairs
fear of losing it all when your money start to fail
these n-gg-s at the top but im raising from the h-ll
throwing hail marys i just hope you catch my prayers
cause im going in blitz and im falling in this pit
arm pits sweaty cause im f-cking on this b-tch
and she popping that p-ssy like im popping on zits
wonder would she do it if she knew i was broke -ss sh-t
i really kinda am but im flexing on this b-tch
hoes believe anything you say to them sh-t
kinda gullible, f-ckble f-cking on her friends
tell her that i love her but that dont mean sh-t
now she in the cut tryna cut up her wrist
now she kinda over it f-cking on my friends
now im really kinda mad how could she do this sh-t
b-tches ain’t sh-t but im not sh-t either
no emotions in my soul when you see in it and
im drowning in this hate and i feel like im finish
its n-body world and we all just tenants
love is a drug and i overdosed in it and
the weed that im smoking got my brain f-cking fried
i dont care about a l my n-gg- i tried
jair still sap raymone still lying
matt in the cut leaving all these n-gg-s slump
slanging rv till your brain go dumb
the closest thing to heaving and its all up in your mind and
your life for the taking and my bullet gonna shine
placing my 5th while im drinking my 8th
clutching your fist while you looking like b-tch
this sh-t is ain’t sh-t while you stressing this sh-t
while she kissing on d-ck playing with cl-t
hate that i fell victim to this f-cking sh-t
im the greatest motherf-cker to ever do this sh-t
leaving penicillin in my f-cking wrist when i whip
pretty f-cking p-ssed not gone be sh-t
gotta pay attention when its coming to this sh-t
say you in lion den but you in a snake pit
girlfriend leaving soon another part of me is missing
and i feel like im doomed
on the f-cking edge and im reaching for the moon

- lirik lagu jiggaisrare