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lirik lagu jello biafra – yuppie cadillac

cruisin’ down the freeway
slupin’ latte in my bm’er roadster
i won for being sales rep of the week

then it happens again
s.u.v. d-mn near killed me
they made the roads so unsafe
i bought me one the very next day

why do i eat up so much gas?
why do i cut you off to p-ss?
what do i drive like such an -ss?
because i can!

yuppie yuppie yuppie cadillac

but i need my armored luxury tank
to drive to work and drive home
keep my children safe
as i run down yours
while i talk on my cell phone

better you than me,
got important places to be
school, soccer, psychiatrist,
and then the wine boutique

why do i flaunt my upper cl-ss?
hogging two parking sp-ces
why do i act like such an -ss?
no boundaries, man

yuppie yuppie yuppie cadillac

blow them up! key their hoods!
run them out of the neighborhood
melt them down for blue chip scr-p
war for oil? draft them!

got a big hummer with monster tires
it’s the latest craze
when s.u.v.s are not enough
to break a traffic jam

up and over i go
my terminator crushing cars below
i’m late for a meeting
more important than yours
my krispy kremes are getting cold #! –#!

what is it ’bout the navigator
escalade, suburban, explorer, yukons
that brings out the road-rage macho d-ck
in everybody who drives one

icy curves, slow down
‘nother pathfinder found it’s way to h-ll
what a great way to think the herd
but why should we have to share the road with

yuppie yuppie yuppie cadillac

- lirik lagu jello biafra