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lirik lagu jello biafra – electronic plantation

ya-ha ha
ho ho ho
shipped your job to mexico
but we got plans for all of you to re-train
pit the whole world against each other
for who will work for the lowest wage
the rest of you can die
as epidemics rage
worked hard all your life
now you must stay go on line
and stare all day
at a little plastic screen
electronic plantation
electronic plantation
same old job
now you’re just a temp
less pay, no benefits
no raise, no vacation,
or sick leave days
chain the slaves to the oars
faster, faster, row some more!
in carpal tunnel caverns
til you break
we monitor you all
every time you leave your chair
or talk on the phone
one minute overtime
at the toilet
and you’re fired
electronic plantation
electronic plantation
only use we’ve left for you
is burn you at both ends
locked in the research triangle
shirtwaist fire’s flame
lots of people need your job
and you can be replaced
unemployed and overqualified
strikers who gave their lives fighting for
basic human rights
that don’t mean nothin’ any more
got you back down on the floor
through the wto
rich get richer
poor get poorer
factory or phd
you are all termites now
laptop is your ball and chain
til we downsize you away
shop at home
is your reward
your best friend is a mouse
electronic plantation
electronic plantation

- lirik lagu jello biafra